Some hard-to-find Lateral Thinking riddles

The following are some hard-to-find lateral thinking riddles. Solutions are available upon request (or probably somewhere on the Internet). Have a nice time trying to solve them!

The Surgeon

John is a famous surgeon. One day, he is driving his car with his son, and has a mortal crash. The son survives, but has to be rushed to the hospital for a life-saving operation. The surgeon sees him on the operating table and exclaims: “How can I operate on him? He’s my son!”

Radio Certainty

A man turns on the radio, does a phone call and listens to the radio for five minutes and turns it off. Now he is certain his wife cheated on him.

The Deadly Elevator

A man is in the elevator. When the elevator suddenly stops, he is sure his wife has died.

At the bar

Two men are served two exactly identical drinks. A man drinks his and leaves. He survives. The other one dies - because of the drink - before even having finished it.

The Phone Call

A man has trouble sleeping. He does a phone call and nobody answers. Then, he falls asleep almost instantly.

Marry me!

A man marries 30 ladies. He never divorces. All the ladies are still alive. Yet, he’s not polygamous.

A gross surprise

A man at a bar is served a cup of coffee. He calls the waiter and shows him a dead fly into the cup, wanting the cup replaced. The waiter takes it away, then brings a new one, of exactly the same (hot) temperature as before. Still, the man is sure his coffee has not been replaced. The fly has just been removed.